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Walking Dead Mod for Minecraft PE

Walking Dead Mod for Minecraft PE
The Walking Dead mod adds various elements from the popular horror series of the same name to the game. The addition pumps zombies, so these mobs received the most changes. These creatures will be everywhere, and they are very fond of human flesh, so they will want to eat you first. You need to be ready to defeat them, for this there will be weapons and armor.

Mod Features

• Mobs will differ in characteristics.
• All new creatures are only available through creative mode.
• The build also includes new items and food.

Zombie vagrants

• They love to eat living things.
• Satisfied are weak but can deal 5 damage.
• Health: 20 units.
• They move slowly.

Zombie Runners

• Very fast and therefore dangerous.
• Can deal 5 damage.
• Health: 20 units.

Infected people and animals

• The virus infected ordinary villagers and their livestock.
• You can run away from them, although they move at an average speed.
• Deals 5 damage.
• Health: 20 units.


• Monsters that eat each other.
• They are slow, but if you can't outrun them, they can deal 4 damage.
• They have up to 13 health units.

Super zombie

• Infected with the strongest form of the virus.
• Hard to beat, deals 12 damage.
• They have a maximum health of 140 units.

Police officers

• Health: 25-35 units.
• Equipped with weapons and fighting zombies.

New Items

• Weapons: pistols, shotguns, combat weapons, rifles, explosives and more.
• Food: A variety of canned food, dog food, treatment for the virus, and more.
• Armor: Police armor, protective suit, gas masks, chemical protection suits, medical suits, and other types.

attack walking dead

mutated mob walking dead

weapons walking dead
Walking Dead Mod for Minecraft PE


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