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Avatar Mod for Minecraft PE

Avatar Mod for Minecraft PE
With the help of the Avatar and Abilities mod, you can add uniqueness and strength to your character. Like the main character of the anime, you can learn to control the elements and use it to your advantage. By the way, in addition to new effects, 2 new mobs will appear in the world that can be tamed.


The Avatar mod is inspired by the famous anime and transfers magic from the cartoon to the Minecraft Universe. The player can become a real magician and master the four elements. This will give you a head start while surviving. From the original plot, two friends of the Avatar will appear in the game - Appa and Momo.

momo avatar

The spawn eggs are in inventory. One summons a flying bison that can be ridden. The second summons a winged lemur named Momo. Animals can be tamed and will become your best friends as you travel through the cube world.

The third egg equips the player with a fireproof harrow that grants the player the ability not to take damage from any burning object.
Armor can be obtained through the /function Armor commands.

new mob avatar
more creatures avatar


The add-on will perfectly complement the previous mod, and will provide your character with various functions and abilities. You will become a real master of the elements.

You will have the magic of water, earth, fire, and air. In this regard, you can control lightning, be resistant to lava and various blocks, levitate and even cause floods. Learn to manage all the magics to get profit while surviving.

To select an ability, enter the command /function Choose.

To get new items, enter the /function useful_tools command.


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