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Player Graves Add-on 1.20+

Player Graves Add-on 1.20+
If you do not want to lose all your accumulated things after death, then we recommend downloading the Player Gravesaddon. Now when you die once again, all your things will be waiting for you in the grave, which acts as a chest. All you need is a key, and you can even teleport there when you craft a special item.

There are three types of tombstones available for the player to choose from.

To pick up things you need a key, which the player receives automatically after death.

Grave Key

To create an "Instant Key" to teleport to the point of the last location, you need a regular crafting key.

Instant Grave Key

Keep in mind that dying from lava will not save your items.

Player Graves (1)

In the video below you can see how it works in the game.

Player Graves (2)

Changes in the new version

• The mod is available for new versions.
• Bugs fixed.


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