Faithful 64x

Faithful 64x
Faithful 64xtextures provide a more detailed look to the game at the expense of increased resolution. A lot of Faithful fans have been craving to have this resource pack, and finally the Faithful community started working on an official 64x64 version of the pack.

Over the years, various authors have created their own versions of the Faithful x64, but often the projects have been abandoned, the textures are outdated, or different from the original Faithful 64x. Over the past few years, fans have been able to arrange and systematize the development and update of the original Faithful, and now a separate group of fans have begun to create a 64x64 version.

Faithful 64x

Like the original Faithful, this resource pack offers nice textures with its own recognizable style. It eliminates the pixelation associated with higher resolution textures, increases the detail of the blocks, but at the same time tries to maintain the original atmosphere and style of Minecraft. Particularly attractive are the beautiful and neat icons of items and blocks in the inventory.

Faithful 64x (1)

Faithful 64x (2)


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