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Simplistic Shader

Simplistic Shader

Do you want to improve the lighting and graphics in the game? Then get acquainted with a set of textures - Simplistic Shader, which will not take up much RAM space, but will significantly transform light, shadow, reflection and other important elements of the game. You can also use the shader while playing in survival mode.

What does Simplistic Shader give?

Realistic shadows from objects.

The water will become crystal clear. In addition, waves will be visible on the surface.

Natural phenomena such as lightning will become more beautiful.

The colors will become more vivid and crisp.

Below are photos of how the game has changed with this assembly.

Simplistic Shader (1)

Simplistic Shader (2)

Simplistic Shader (3)

Simplistic Shader (4)

The shader will be updated frequently, stay tuned.


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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