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Plastic Texture Pack

Plastic Texture Pack
If you are tired of the usual cubic world, install the Plastic Texture Pack. This assembly perfectly transforms the blocks making them more colorful and Minecraft is filled with completely new colors.

This assembly replaces a large number of textures for various elements of the game - mobs, weapons, tools, items and of course the world around. All this is naturally bright, contrasting, while, by the way, many textures look very minimalistic.

Plastic (1)

The author removed the detail, due to which he made the objects more smooth and cartoony.

If you go to the creative inventory, you will immediately notice how all the blocks have changed, they have acquired a flat surface and acquired bright colors.

Plastic (2)

Traveling around the world will become very interesting, because the familiar cubic world has acquired a new look. Be sure to visit the Nether and the End. Believe me, this will be something new for you and you will be surprised how these dimensions have changed with new textures.

If you are a fan of simplistic and cartoony texture packs, then this is what you need.

Plastic (3)

Plastic (4)


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