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Simple Shaders PE

Simple Shaders PE
You can transform your Minecraft by downloading Simple Shaderstextures. New changes will add bright colors, saturation, and clean graphics. After installation, the MCPE world will look a little more minimalistic.


• Transformed sky with celestial objects.
• All ponds have become bright colors.
• All vegetation has been changed to more contrasting shades.
• Improved particles.
• Optimized fog. now it can be seen in other dimensions.
• The blocks of fire and lava have become a saturated color.
• The player can choose daylight or dusk mode.
• Increased FPS due to texture optimization.

You can see how the graphics have improved in the screenshots below.

Simple Shaders PE (1)

Simple Shaders PE (2)

Simple Shaders PE (3)

Simple Shaders PE (4)


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